Branding for startups

Crafting a unique identity for your business.
We specialize in helping small businesses and startups create memorable brands.

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Why should you invest in branding?

In a world filled with choices, standing out is vital. Your brand isn't just a logo; it's the heart and soul of your business. Investing in branding is about carving a memorable space in the market and your audience's hearts. Let's make them remember you.

Create Instant Recognition: Make your brand memorable at first glance.
A brand impression that stays with the visitor.

Build Trust and Loyalty: A strong brand fosters consumer trust and turns them into lifelong fans.

Set Yourself Apart: Differentiate from competitors and highlight your unique value.

Increase Business Value: Brands with a strong presence often enjoy premium pricing and better returns.

Drive New Business: A polished brand attracts customers and partners alike.

See Your Brand Come to Life Instantly with Our Packages

Experience the magic as we turn your ideas into stunning visuals. With Adhoc, you're not just getting a brand – you're getting a captivating visual story that speaks directly to your audience.

Kickstart Your Business Identity

Brand Small

Our 'Brand Small' package is the starting block for your brand's identity. It's got all the essentials: a custom logotype, a versatile logo system, and a color palette that'll make your brand pop, along with typography that speaks clearly to your audience.

Custom Logotype: A logo that captures your brand's essence at first glance.

Consistent Identity: From your logo to your fonts, we make sure everything fits together nicely.

3 Brand Examples: These examples show you how your brand would fit in different contexts.

Comprehensive Brand Development

Brand Medium

Ready to notch up your brand? 'Brand Medium' takes you there with everything from the 'Small' package, then adds in logo placement guidelines, clear space rules, a detailed web style guide, and photo directions to keep your brand looking sharp across all platforms.

Logo System: Clear rules for logo use mean your brand is always shown at its best.

Complete Style Guide: A web style guide that ensures your brand is consistent online, too.

5 Brand Examples: Five examples to inspire your brand's use in various contexts.

Photo Direction: Know how you should use images that will resonate your brand.

This is how we could help you

Converting design - Data-based & results-focused brand design

Complete toolbox for your brand - Easy access to all your files, sorted in one place

Get a brand that make you smile - We specialize in creating memorable brands that resonate and attract attention


A brand impression that stays with the visitor

A uniform brand impression regardless of whether it is print or digital material

Design where you and your customers expectations meet

Package Pricing

Brand Small
2 week delivery
24 995 kr (40% off)
Custom Logotype
Logo System
Color Palette
3x Brand Mockups
Brand Medium
4 week delivery
38 995 kr (52% off)
Eveyrthing in small plus:
Logo placement
Logo Clear space
Web Style Guide
Photo Directions
5x Brand mockups
Custom Project
By Request
Everything in Brand Medium
Research & Brand Strategy
Tone of voice
Packaging design
Print files
Photo direction
and more...

What You Can Expect From Working With Us

We stand behind our work, aiming for excellence in every project.
When you choose Adhoc, here's what we guarantee:

Fixed Prices

No surprises, just clear, upfront costs.

Solid Process

Refined over a decade, we ensure a smooth journey.

Work with Experts

Our team is packed with seasoned pros.

Quick Delivery

Time is valuable. We won't keep you waiting.

100% Satisfaction

We're not happy until you're thrilled.

Words from Clients

You don't have to take our word for it, listen to our clients:

"We spent about 2 years developing our product without having a name or brand attached to it. When we partnered up with Adhoc they gave life to our vision and a face to the brand.We now have solid brand strategy that helps us stick out from the competition."

Adam Strandsten

CEO, Custom-ized, FEET iD

"We partnered up with Adhoc to revamp our website and we we’re blown away by the results. Since then we’ve continued our partnership through the membership maintenance plan."

Moe Said

CEO, Natupreneur, Hempur

Talk to Filip about your project

Filip Ridderström,
Head of Branding at Adhoc

At Adhoc, we believe in quality design made simple, assisting companies with their ongoing branding, websites, and AI automation needs. It's straightforward, unpretentious, and cost-effective.

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  • Or are you simply curious about how Adhoc works and assists other companies in succeeding with design, effective communication or automations? Let's connect and make something great together.

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